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Achieve A Tax-Free Retirement 

Tax-Free Retirement 

There’s absolutely no question that taxes are going to have to go up.

David Walker, Former Comptroller General of The U.S. , 1998-2008

With more than $26 trillion in national debt, $4 trillion more in unfunded Covid-19 stimulus, and the coming insolvencies for Medicare (2026) and Social Security (2033) (source: The 2020 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Federal Disability Insurance Trust Funds), there is every reason to believe that income taxes will increase in the years ahead.  Currently, we are in a period of historically low taxes, but the “great unknown” is that we have no idea how much higher tax rates will to be in the future to address our country's fiscal challenges.

The IRS is your retirement partner. The percentage they own of your retirement is determined by tax rates, which are moving higher. How much of your retirement savings does the IRS own? And what will your after-tax income be going forward?

Paul Murray has developed financial planning techniques and investment management strategies as part of our Guided Roth Conversion Program™ to help clients shift and structure their investments to help dramatically reduce or eliminate Federal income taxes in retirement. Our financial plans help clients increase their after-tax income, minimize or eliminate their Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), and reduce or eliminate Social Security taxation.

How We Help: Guided Roth Conversion Program™

The first step in determining if you can achieve the 0% tax bracket, or to dramatically reduce your taxable income in retirement, is for us to conduct a financial feasibility study. In our Guided Roth Conversion Program™, we use state-of-the-art modeling software to analyze your current income, investment assets, account types, and retirement needs to determine if becoming more tax-efficient is in your financial interest. Some of our solutions include:

  • Multi-Year Roth Conversions;
  • Tax Bracket Maximization;
  • Max-Funding in After-Tax and Tax-Free Investments; and
  • Life Insurance Cash Value Analysis.

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The Changing World Of Retirement Planning™ Class

Our flagship 2-hour web version, or 6-hour course in-person university workshop covering Tax Rate Risk, Market Risk, Longevity Risk, and Long-Term Care Risk. Learn how to shield your assets from Federal Taxation in retirement and potentially reach the 0% Tax Bracket. Identify ways to minimize risk of market downturns on your retirement assets and net worth. Learn how withdrawal rates and the order in which you take income from your accounts can impact the sustainability of that income. Learn modern methods to address Long-Term Care needs later in life.

Classes For 2022 Are Being Scheduled

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