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Investment Management

Investment Management

Your advisor not only adds peace of mind, but also may add about 3 percentage points of value in net portfolio returns over time.

Vanguard, The Added Value of Financial Advisors, 2016

Investing for your financial success, however you define it, is a complex and challenging undertaking.

 The complexity becomes more apparent when the objective is not saving, but generating lifetime income. Our Investment Process is designed to complement your financial plan, with the objective of funding your goals and protecting your wealth at every stage of your life.

Step 1:

We Analyze Your Goals And Assess Your Tolerance For Losses

All of our clients take a risk questionnaire because we need to understand how they feel about market loss, i.e. losing money in the markets. Their unique risk tolerance is then added to the goals they outline in our financial plans.

Step 2:

We Recommend An Appropriate Strategy Using Low-Cost Investments

There are literally tens of thousands of investment choices for investors, and we find the best and lowest cost options to meet the objectives of the plan and manage market risk. We also may include a recommendation for a principal-protected investment to achieve true portfolio diversification.


We Monitor Your Investments And Publish Performance Reports

We do not believe in set it and forget it. We monitor our models, make appropriate changes when necessary, and report our performance and progress to our clients every single day on our Orion Performance Reporting Platform.

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