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Our Financial Plans Can Help Reduce Your Taxes In Retirement

Taxes will be moving higher to counter our country's fiscal challenges. Find out how we help our clients reduce or eliminate taxes in retirement with our Guided Roth Conversions Program

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Financial Planning, Investments, Life & Long-Term Care Insurance

We help our clients make smart financial decisions in all phases of their lives and provide comprehensive solutions to protect and grow their wealth.

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We Are Independent Fiduciaries

Low-cost, unbiased, conflict-free advice focused on what is best for you.

What We Do

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Experienced Fiduciary & Certified Financial Planner® Based in North Wales, PA

Watch This Video In Which Paul Murray Discusses The Firm's Focus

Paul can help his clients reduce their tax liability and adjust their financial plans in order to have a safe and secure retirement. 

Ed Slott, CPA, America’s IRA Experts, Named “The Best Source For IRA Advice”
by the Wall Street Journal

What We Do

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Experienced Financial Advisors in North Wales

At PTM Wealth Management, we are financial professionals who deliver financial insights rooted in years of industry experience in North Wales, PA. Understanding each client’s unique financial goals and needs, we tailor our services to fit the intricacies of their situation. Whether you are in North Wales or surrounding areas such as Montgomeryville, Blue Bell, Harleysville, or Lansdale, PA, our dedication to your financial future is steadfast.

With PTM Wealth Management, you gain a financial planning partner committed to your overall financial well-being, including investment management, tax planning, income planning, estate planning, and long-term care planning. Learn more about how a financial advisor in North Wales can help you.

Invest in Your Financial Future

At PTM Wealth Management, we emphasize the importance of early financial planning using the latest technology and methodologies. We craft strategies that can help secure your financial foundation. Whether you're eyeing retirement in the distant future or have more immediate financial goals in mind, we've got you covered.

You can even work with our financial advisors near Doylestown, PA, or a financial advisor near Warrington. In Montgomery County, PA, we meticulously plan, strategize, and execute financial planning strategies to augment your wealth and safeguard your assets.

Why Should You Hire a Financial Planner?

Achieving financial freedom requires more than just wishful thinking. It demands strategic planning and execution. Financial planners provide insights that can spell the difference between financial stagnation and growth. Some of the reasons why you need a financial planner include:

  • Financial Overview: Financial planners provide a 360-degree view of your finances. They highlight areas of strength, pinpoint potential pitfalls, and offer strategies to optimize returns.
  • Tailored Retirement Solutions: As retirement approaches, the importance of meticulous planning becomes paramount. With retirement planning near Ambler, PA, our planners ensure you're set for a comfortable post-work life.
  • Diverse Portfolio Creation: An effective portfolio is diverse and balanced. Our planners assist in curating a mix of assets that resonate with your risk tolerance and financial aspirations, including the use of principal protection investments.
  • Ongoing Financial Monitoring: The financial realm is dynamic. Our financial planners stress test your goals and create “what-if” scenarios regularly adapting to events in your life and capitalizing on opportunities.
  • Taxation Guidance: Financial planning isn't just about investments. We can aid in navigating the intricate web of taxation that is tied to your financial choices.

Contact PTM Wealth Management for Financial Advisors in North Wales, PA

PTM Wealth Management offers financial planning near Horsham and North Wales to ensure your financial questions are answered. From intricate financial decisions in Montgomery County, PA to broad strategies spanning North Wales, our expertise is your compass. Harness the power of financial advice today and watch as your dreams turn into reality. Your quest for financial excellence begins with PTM Wealth Management, so contact us today to schedule a consultation!