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Why Attend "The Changing World Of Retirement Planning" Class? Thumbnail

Why Attend "The Changing World Of Retirement Planning" Class?

Tired of DIY You Tube videos posted by financial "experts" that make retirement planning look easy? Are you looking for an adult education program designed to tell you how to retire with confidence without a sales pitch? Have you been to a financial advisor dinner seminar and left feeling that what you learned is that you should be scared if you don't work with him/her? The "Changing World Of Retirement Planning" class is a free program brought to you by Paul Murray, a member of the the non-profit Society For Financial Awareness (sofa.org).
Typically, the program is offered at local universities on two consecutive Tuesdays or Thursdays. Some presentations of the class may be offered in a one-day, Saturday Lunch & Learn format. However it is presented, this 5 hour program is designed to prepare you for all the pitfalls you may encounter in retirement, and how to plan now to overcome them. With over 20 years of experience in helping hundreds of retirement-age investors make smart financial decisions, Paul brings real-life examples to enhance the teaching experience and show how the concepts described can be applied to any situation.

In this class, you will learn:

  • Why you will end up paying more in taxes in retirement than you thought, and how to reduce or eliminate taxes in retirement.
  • How to prepare for the need for long-term care, and the financial solutions that are available to you. 
  • How to structure your savings in each of the three types of investment accounts to maximize after-tax cashflow in retirement.
  • How to maximize Social Security and limit the taxes due on this important retirement income source.
  • The two types of investment risk and how to overcome them to ensure that your retirement plans will be protected from major market declines.
  • Strategies to pay yourself from savings in retirement without falling prey to the three major retirement distribution pitfalls.
  • How to successfully transfer an inheritance to your heirs free from federal and state taxation.

There are many upcoming opportunities to attend the Changing World Of Retirement Planning near you. For more information, please contact Amy Van Zelst by text or phone at (267) 317-1515, Option 1, or email her at amy@ptmwealth.com. We look forward to seeing you in class soon!